Peaches: Nutrition & Recipes

Produce Potential: Series Four- Peaches

Did You Know?

Adding peaches to your diet can provide many health benefits:

  • Peaches contribute to a healthy digestive system, one medium-sized fruit provides about 2 grams of fiber

  • Peaches lower risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

  • Peaches have protective effects that help keep your skin healthy. Studies indicate that compounds found in peaches may improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture - thus improving skin texture.

  • Peaches provide beneficial plant compounds that may offer some protection against various cancers. Peaches are high in carotenoids and caffeic acid- two types of antioxidants found to have anticancer properties.


Peaches make an excellent fruit to cook with and are especially delicious when added to fresh salads, salsas, desserts and breakfast!