What is the best way to cook beef short ribs?

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One can argue that the best way to cook beef short ribs is in a slow cooker. The slow cooker guarantees they will be super tender and, it is nearly impossible to mess up! While you can certainly cook them in other ways, and they are quite delicious when grilled (properly) it is much easier to dry them out while using other cooking methods.

There is endless seasoning recipes but with this is one dish you can go with your gut, use your go to seasoning blend. Cover intensely with beef broth, fresh vegetables and, seasoning- they key is to slow cook for 7-8 hours!

Very important note: before putting the short ribs into a slow cooker, it is recommend that you quickly sear them. This will caramelize the surface of the meat and enhance the flavor of the dish – braised short ribs cooked in the crockpot will be a family favorite!

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