How to Grill the Perfect Porterhouse Steak!

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Follow these steps to achieve greatness!

Pick a steak that is at least one inch thick. As soon as you are ready to grill, take the steak out of the refrigerator and season it aggressively with salt and pepper.

The secret is in the grilling timeline… You will sear the steak for six minutes and then let it finish cooking with indirect heat.

  • Place the steak directly over the charcoal and start a timer.

  • Wait 90 seconds and then rotate the steak 90 degrees.

  • Wait another 90 seconds and flip the steak over.

  • Wait another 90 seconds and then rotate the steak 90 degrees

  • Once the Porterhouse has been moved away from the direct heat you should slather it with melted butter, close the lid, and let it finish cooking to your desired level of doneness.

  • You will want to pull the steak when it hits 135-140F internal. That will take about 10 minutes of indirect heat but use a thermometer to make sure.

Depending on who you ask, resting at least 10 minutes is essential before slicing! Whether you slice and serve immediately or rest before slicing is really up to how hungry you are!

Tiffany Allegro