Tomatoes: Nutrition & Recipes

Produce Potential; Series Two- Tomatoes

Did You Know?

Adding tomatoes to your diet can provide many health benefits:

  • Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is good for your heart, skin, and more. Lycopene is one of multiple carotenoids (pigments that act as antioxidants to protect your cells) naturally found in tomatoes. Two other carotenoids found in tomatoes are beta-carotene and alpha-carotene.

  • Tomatoes can protect your bones. They are rich in calcium, which is essential for healthy, strong bones, and teeth, and vitamin K, which is known to prevent osteoporosis and osteopenia. 

  • Tomatoes contain lots of vitamin A to benefit your hair, eyes, and heart. 

  • They can lower your risk of developing kidney stones. Studies show that foods rich in antioxidants can prevent kidney stones from forming, which makes tomatoes an ideal choice for maintaining kidney health.


Tomatoes are a staple ingredient in recipes across every culture!